Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

The points concerning our intellectual property policies and the client 's points to keep in mind are as follows.

1. About using Web site
The copyrights and other intellectual property rights of texts, images, videos, illustrations, programs and all other copyrighted works on our website are owned by us or a third party, It is not possible to make copies, adaptations, public transmission, etc. without prior consent of the person.

2. About our product

(1) Attribution of copyright, etc.
The copyright and other intellectual property rights of the data produced by the Company belong to us unless otherwise specified in individual contracts.

(2) Restriction on modification etc.
When making modifications to the data we produce, we can not do without our consent unless there are special provisions in individual contracts.

(3) Transfer and alteration of copyright, etc.
We respond flexibly according to individual contracts such as assigning copyrights and other intellectual property rights of data produced by our company in response to client's request or granting free modification.

3.Confidential Information Management

In principle, we will manage confidential information such as the outline of construction of orders received by the following policy.

(1) Definition
Confidential information means information that each party explicitly discloses as confidential information to a counterparty in connection with a contract with a client or the like. However, the following information shall not apply to confidential information.
(1)Information that had already been held by the receiving party without obligation of confidentiality
(2)Information that the receiving party independently developed independently of he contract
(3)Information that the Receiving Party has legitimately obtained from a third party without obligation of confidentiality
(4)Information that is generally available or made available regardless of negligence or violation of the receiving party
(5)Information disclosed by the Disclosing Parties in writing, approved for disclosure to third parties

(2) Procedure for disclosure of confidential information

1. The Company or Client may disclose confidential information to the other party for the purpose of disclosure as stated in the contract by issuing or verbally writing, electronic mail, CD, DVD, flash memory or other recording medium or article.

(1) When disclosing confidential information by delivery of a document or other recording medium, specify it as "CONFIDENTIAL" or "secret" on the medium, respectively.
(2) When disclosure is made orally or by presentation or delivery of goods, at the time of disclosure, it is necessary to explicitly disclose that it is confidential information of the disclosed party.
(3) When the receiving party makes a memorandum of confidential information disclosed orally from the other party, it states that it is not co-existent with other information, and states "CONFIDENTIAL" or "secret" as confidential information of the other party It shall be.

2. The Company and the Client shall confirm the disclosure by the Disclosing Party and the receipt by the Receiving Party in accordance with the prescribed form of the Company or the Client each time disclosure of Confidential Information is made. Such a form shall state the contents of the confidential information, the date of disclosure, the location of the disclosure, the recipient and the location of the disclosure, the recording medium and other items when it is delivered and the date of return.

(3) Use in consignment service

1. The Company shall be entrusted with operations from a third party using confidential information received from the client based on the contract and shall be able to use it in such consignment work of the Company.

2. The Company shall be able to provide confidential information to business consignees to the extent necessary during the conclusion of the contract.

3. In the case of the preceding two paragraphs, the Company shall conclude a confidentiality agreement with the outsourcer at a level equivalent to this document.

4. If the content of the agreement of this document is affected by the contents of the confidentiality agreement concluded between the Company and the contractor, the Company and the client will negotiate and decide the correspondence after consultation.

(4) Confidentiality
1. The receiving party shall keep this confidential for three years from the date of termination of the contract and shall not disclose it to a third party unless prior written consent of the disclosing party is made.

2. Receiving Parties shall disclose Confidential Information received from Disclosing Parties
(1) We do not disclose to employees who need to know in business and companies other than our company that has contracted confidentiality agreement.
(2) The document that records confidential information and other recording media shall be locked and kept, etc., shall be managed with a cautionary duty of a good administrator, and this shall be used for purposes other than the disclosure purpose described in the contract must not.

3. Receiving parties shall not copy the confidential information issued unless there is a prior written consent of the disclosed parties.

(5) Attribution of rights and interests
Copyrights and other intellectual property rights contained in confidential information provided and interests (including know-how and ideas) worthy of legal protection are attributable to the person who provided and transferred to the receiving party unless there is a specific agreement in writing No.

(6) Other
1. In order to comply with this policy, the Company and clients shall conclude appropriate contracts with employees and others involved in the other party's confidential information.

2. Neither party may disclose the existence and contents of the contract to others unless prior written approval of the other party.

3. The receiving party shall return the recording medium and other items of confidential information received to the other party by the date of return which was agreed upon in disclosure.

4. With respect to any matter not stipulated in this policy and any doubts arising in connection with the contract, in accordance with the principle of fairness and integrity every time, the Company and the client shall decide and resolve after consultation.

5. With regard to the dispute concerning this policy, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.

Privacy policy

We manage our clients' personal information with extreme caution. The points we want to pay attention to our privacy policies and clients are as follows.
"Private information" in the privacy information refers to "personal information" referred to in the Personal Information Protection Law, information on surviving individuals, including name, date of birth, address, phone number , Information that can identify a specific individual by contact information or other description.
"History information and characteristic information" of privacy information refers to things other than "personal information" specified above, and the services you used, the history of the pages you visited, the hours of use, the method of use, Usage environment, postal code and gender, occupation, age, client IP address, cookie information, location information, individual identification information of the terminal etc.

1 About Personal Information

1.Acquisition of personal information

When collecting personal information, we ask the client accurate and up-to-date company name, address, telephone number, department name, person in charge, email address, within the scope of the purpose of use, , We will collect personal information within the necessary range.
In addition, we may acquire transaction records including client's personal information between clients and affiliated parties and information on settlement from the partner etc. Personal information acquired by our company is limited to what we need to provide our services.

2.Use of personal information

We use personal information acquired by our company for the following purposes.

(1) When displaying information on registration information such as name, address, contact information, used services, information on their fees etc. in order to allow clients to browse and correct their own registered information

(2) When using contact information such as name and address, such as when using e-mail address to notify or contact the client or sending documents etc. to the client

(3) When using information such as name, address, telephone number, bank account number, mail arrival result with delivery certificate etc. to confirm the identity of the client

(4) When using payment information such as the type of service used, the period, the number of times of use, the amount charged, the name, the address, the bank account number etc. in order to charge the client

(5) In order to allow the client to easily enter data, display information registered in the company on the input screen or display other services etc. provided by the partner (s) Also includes transferring to

(6) We refuse to use those who violate these terms of use, such as delaying payment of payment or causing damage to a third party, or those who intend to use the service for fraudulent / unfair purposes In order to use information for identifying an individual, such as usage mode, name and address

(7) In order to respond to inquiries from the client, information such as contents of inquiry contents and billing charge information, etc. necessary for the Company to provide services to clients, client service use situation, contact address When using information etc.

3.Consent to disclosing personal information

In using our service, we will approve the following matters in advance.

(1)If the Company receives inquiries concerning services provided by companies other than the Company, such as services of business partners, and we determine that it is appropriate to directly answer inquiries from partner companies, Disclose the contents of the inquiry and the response destination information such as the e-mail address to the partner.

(2)To refuse the use of those who violate these terms of use, such as delaying payment of payment or causing damage to a third party, or those who intend to use the service for fraudulent / unfair purposes To disclose information for identifying individuals such as ID, usage mode, name and address to partners.

(3)In the event that a third party succeeds to the whole or a part of the service due to the termination of our service or business tie-up between the Company and a third party, or in the case where all or part of said service is a third party Provide information necessary for the succession or integration of services to the third party if it is integrated with the already provided service

4.Provision of personal information to third parties

Even in cases other than the case where you previously agreed in the preceding paragraph, we may provide personal information to third parties in the following cases.

(1)In cases where a court receives a judgment or order ordering disclosure based on laws and regulations, or when receiving an official inquiry from a public agency such as a police officer under the laws stipulating the investigation authority

(2)In connection with the use of the services of our company or affiliated parties, it is deemed necessary for clients to protect the rights, property, services etc. of third parties or our company contrary to laws and regulations, these terms of use, guidelines etc In case it is difficult to obtain the consent of the principal

(3)In cases where there is imminent danger to human life, body, property and the like, there is an urgent necessity and it is difficult to obtain consent of the person himself / herself

(4)Other cases when allowed under the Personal Information Protection Act

5.Viewing, modifying, deleting registration information

When we request disclosure, correction and deletion of self-information on personal information from our client, we will respond promptly to the reasonable extent in respect of personal interests concerning personal information.

2 About security

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, we have established internal regulations and organizations and safely handle personal information and information systems processing them accordingly. In addition, we have received a pledge to the effect that each employee handles privacy information appropriately.

We will take reasonable safety measures against management of access to personal information within our company, restrictions on means of taking out, illegal access, leakage, loss, destruction, falsification etc. In addition, In case of occurrence, we will promptly take appropriate measures including measures to prevent recurrence.

For the purpose of providing products and services to clients, when the Company entrusts operations to third parties, we have entered into contracts to properly manage the subcontractors.

3 Compliance with laws and regulations

In the management and handling of personal information, we comply with laws, ordinances and other norms applied to the protection of personal information.

If you have any comments, questions regarding handling of our intellectual property, personal information, please contact the following contact address.

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